Weekly words – 04/29


thoughts: I’m listening to a lot of Marilyn Manson lately and I realized that the first time I saw him live was 12 years ago, in 2003. Isn’t that crazy? Some of my best friends more or less just started going to school back then. I’m feeling old.

new in: I got a new piercing which is not as exciting as it may sound because it’s just a forward helix. I already love it, by the way. 😉 And I ordered a new pair of Vans (Sale!), I just have to see if I’ll keep them when they’re arriving. My boyfriend was quite angry because he somehow feels like getting buried alive by a mass of my shoes. Huh?

wishlist: I’d really like to get my knees tattooed during our summer break, but I’m not really sure about the motive. At the moment I’m considering classy old school roses or some triangle all seing eye stuff. 😀 We’ll see.

need to watch: Have you already watched the newest Grey’s Anatomy episode? Well, somehow I suppose even if you had not, you would still know what happenend because it’s been all over the news. But… What? I mean… What?? How? Why?

need to listen: I already mentioned that I’m listening to lots of Marilyn Manson lately. I actually started LOVING the new album. You should listen to Third day of a seven day binge. Really.

upcoming: It’s already mid of the week, I simply haven’t had enough time yet to post something. Well you could say that I didn’t take time, which is absolutely right, but I had a test today, so… University stuff always wins. Always. Yes… I know.

We’re having a day off on Friday, so there’s just tomorrow left. I’m going to the hairdresser (this time to get my hair cut) and on Friday I’m going out. 😀 So I suppose the rest of the weekend I’ll be buisy with hating people. 😀




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