la, art. [la] - déterminant défini
der, die, das - bestimmter Begleiter
gal, subst.  [gæl]  die Göre  
Pl.: die Gören

Art is our only salvation from the horror of existence.

Hi. This is my blog. I’m writing about personal stuff, fashion, books – whatever I feel like. I don’t care about what’s “in vogue” or what’s supposed to be found on a blog. I just want to write and share my thought and feelings.
I’m a happy person. Even if I think too much. I love life. I also love animals. Or books. Or art. Sometimes I prefer books to reality. But I guess that’s okay.
I think it’s important to help others. For altruistic reasons, not for gaining any benefits from it. So I’d say I’m a nice person, at least I’m trying. I have dark thoughts sometimes, but seriously who doesn’t?
I try being honest here.

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